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Giovanni Guarini@ 7:57pm 02-11-2012
Ho scoperto i Patto con Hold Your Fire sono impazzito e ho fatto impazzire qualche amico per la chitarra di Ollie, era, evidentemente, troppo avanti per quell'epoca così come la loro musica, peccato avrebbero meritato piu audience.Comunque mi reputo fortunato per averli incontrati ed apprezzati mi hanno dato molto.Ancora adesso cerco di farli conoscere ed ascoltare,troppe persone non li hanno mai sentiti nominare e non è giusto!Voglio lasciare un pensiero per Mike Patto che reputo uno dei più grandi e personali singer degli anni 70'. Grazie Ollie grazie Mike
Replied on: 8:46pm 02-11-2012

Google translation:
I discovered the Patto with Hold Your Fire are crazy and I did some crazy friend's guitar, Ollie, was obviously too advanced for that time as well as their music, too bad they deserved more audience.Comunque consider myself fortunate to have them I have since met and appreciated molto.Ancora now I try to let them know and listen, too many people they have never heard of and it is not right, I want to leave a thought for Mike Patto which I consider one of the greatest singer of the 70s and personal '. Thanks Ollie, thanks Mike

Erik Gerritsen@ 7:10pm 02-11-2012
Saw Patto open for Joe Cocker in Auckland in '72. Nobody had heard of them and trying to do their routines in front of 20,000 outdoors on a Friday night was a challenge they couldn't really meet. Ollie ran around in little circles and continually jumped off his stage monitor during (I think) "Peter Abraham", soloing madly the whole time. I had to check these guys out on vinyl, been a fan ever since. Ollie lives!
MCFC Dave@ 7:05pm 02-11-2012
I was at a gig at the Manchester free trade hall in 1974, Kevin Ayres, John Cale, Nico etc. I was only 17 and really only went because Eno was on the bill. I left the hall absolutely blown away by some guy (didn’t know who he was) playing guitar with Kevin Ayers. I still often play the June 1 1974 album and remember back all those years at having my eyes and ears opened to the first time I ever saw a truly great guitarist. Thanks Ollie.
Mohamad@ 6:39pm 02-11-2012
I have been lucky enough to see Ollie live 3 times: at the Reading Pop Festival, at the Marquee and at Reading University Student Union. That was a great experience. Thanks a lot for The Ollie Halsall Archive.
Guy Mann-Dude@ 6:02pm 02-11-2012
Ollie lives !!
Phil McCarthy@ 3:01am 02-11-2012
Ollie was the best guitarist I ever heard, and that includes Clapton or Hendrix. Ollie ALWAYS came up with something to blow you away. He played in bands that included my brother Mike Patto, they were Timebox, Patto, and Boxer. We lost beautiful people as well as great musicians when Mike, and then Ollie left us. R.I.P. both of you wonderful people.
Matt Ruderman@ 1:07am 02-11-2012
Discovered Ollie in the mid-'70s on the June 1, 1974 album. The solo on 'May I' left me stunned. It was like Ollie was walking on a musical trapeze and he could lose his balance at any second - but didn't! I spent the next few years hunting down every album I could find that he played on (at the time there were record stores in Greenwich Village that specialized in hard-to-get import lps) and was lucky to see him when he played in NYC with Ayers. Glad the Archive is around to encourage his followers and that Barry Monks is around as keeper of the flame. Cheers, Baz!
Peri Didaskalou@ 9:45pm 02-10-2012
I've always been a huge fan!
Bud Anderson @ 11:46am 02-10-2012
Thank you so much for providing the Ollie Halsall Tribute site!
- Bud
Zonker@ 11:46am 02-10-2012
I saw Patto when they supported Joe Cocker on his infamous tour of Australia. Incedible playing as a group but the highlight was when Ollie came on to play with Cocker. Apparently some of his band had left and they were a bit short handed. He just blew everybody away. The standout was The Letter when the band is watching Ollie rip into it and wondering how he's gonna pull it off when Ollie turns his back on them to hit the finish. The piano player nearly fell off his stool. Cocker kept on rocking. Great site, thenks for all the hard work.
jonathan mantle @ 11:45am 02-10-2012
Ollie's playing is a total revelation to me - I had heard of him (I'm 57 and play guitar)but never heard him. He seems to have slipped between the tracks of musical history - why is that? Was it that whole messy '70s thing? Best wishes. Jonathan
Barry Oliff @ 11:45am 02-10-2012
Great memories of being with the band, Patto, while they were crashing in a friend's house in N. Finchley, London, occasionally jammed with the band, have lost all the vinyls I had but just bought "Hold your Fire" on cd, and haven't stopped playing it yet: brings back memories of exploring new genres of guitar in the 70s. Will never forget the friendships, and their love of music
Stephen Kent @ 11:42am 02-10-2012
Saw Patto a few times at the Black Swan, Sheffield (AKA "the mucky duck"); big Terry was my mates uncle, so we always knew who had been booked. I remember one gig particularly, with the band doing the seven dwarves routine and displaying their on-the-road etchings. At that gig, Mike Patto introduced a new song, which I remembered as thirteen summers (hold me back). My overiding memories of Patto are of Ollie's playing, the style, the sound and the tone-unforgettable, irreplaceable Picked up the CD of the first album a couple of years ago; what a masterpiece - it took me straight back
Steven Alen @ 11:41am 02-10-2012
Anyone know where I can get a CDR copy of "Roll 'em, Smoke 'em,Put Another Line Out"? I can't even locate one through the vinyl collector sites. Help!
Steve (Fag Ash Lil) @ 11:39am 02-10-2012
At Long last "Our Ollie" has made it into the 100 Greatest Guitarist....ranking at 158, how excited I was to see his name there. Still hear listening, over and over, Ollies' playing is immence ! Thanks.

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