JOHN HARAGAN @ 11:35am 02-10-2012
david kendrick @ 11:34am 02-10-2012
as a former chicagoan i still have 3 copies of the first patto lp releassed on the chicago based mercury record!!
ollie's guitar on loud green song and piano on turn turtle are quite possibly a few of musics most sublime moments ever
Dana Bailey @ 11:34am 02-10-2012
love this site! been a fan since i heard "Money Bag" on the radio in 1971
KNAC long beach. thanks to all
Rick@ 11:27am 02-10-2012
He was great, had a cool playing. Thanks for bringing this here.
Jens Magnus @ 11:26am 02-10-2012
Hi, I witnessed Patto in Norway on tour with Ten Years After in '72. Later I found the yellow album and the Hold your Fire-album. These are two gems in my collection. I also enjoy his playing on Ayers' "Sweet deceiver".
Only recently found this site. Thanks for the work you put in.
neil fraser @ 11:25am 02-10-2012
I grew up in southport but never got to see R and B inc . Can you put a link to an MP3 of Peter Abraham by Patto . It mentions some of the Southport characters from that era.

Great site , thanks.
mark willis @ 11:25am 02-10-2012
The guy was a bone fide genius. His playing just blows me away. What a terribly sad loss to a music world that in some ways really let him down.
God Bless Ollie!
Lelorain patrice @ 11:24am 02-10-2012
Absolutely Ollie's fan. Hold Your Fire is one of the best records of all the time.
Alejandro %22Sandy%2@ 11:22am 02-10-2012
Ollie, era mi amigo, estuvimos de gira con Kevin en Japón, se empeño en que fuese manager de Corcovado, pero no funciono. Me trajo a Toni a casa en la sierra para intentar desngancharle, antes de la gira de Radio Futura, yo no pude, pero el creyó que si podría, y cayó.
Me faltan nuestras discusiones sobre música y motos, nunca estábamos de acuerdo, porque su Guzzi era muy fea.

BabelFish translation:
Ollie, was my friend, we were of tour with Kevin in Japan, persistence in which was to manager of Bent, but I do not work. It brought to me to Toni to house in the mountain range to try to desnganchar to him, before the tour of Future Radio, I I could not, but it thought that if could, and it fell. I need to our discussions on music and motorcycles, never we agreed, because its Guzzi was very ugly.
john graham @ 11:22am 02-10-2012
hi-i have a tape of a lp-wot is it pls? year 1970/tracks{in order}= hangin rope,money bag,hold me back,time to die,red glow,san antone,your man,sittin back easy, also on the tape is=magic door,beat the drum + bad news = was this a comp lp u did?it is GREAT-i got the tape in the 90s but i know u from the 70s..see my space at = = 4 the latest on UFOs + their OCCUPANTS!!!...peace+thanx=john
Skip Klauber @ 11:21am 02-10-2012
1st heard in Atlanta, 1977 on the June 1, 1974 album. "who the hell is that playing the guitar?"
Marco Faustinelli @ 11:21am 02-10-2012
After a few years of reading about Ollie, last month I could eventually lay down my hands on a copy of "Hold your Fire". MY GOD, what I have missed so far! Gonna catch up, though.
Regretting this interesting human being is no longer with us...
Frank Moran @ 11:18am 02-10-2012
I see someone on Ebay UK is selling a copy of the Guitar mag is the Terry Theise article on Ollie.
Phil Mangham @ 11:17am 02-10-2012
It was the same reaction I felt on hearing of the death of John Lennon when I first heard of Ollie's demise;absolute shock and total body numbness !!
I followed the exploits of Patto whenever they appeared at the Black Swan in Sheffield (or tried to). The then compere Terry Steeples(?) always introduced the band as THE Patto.
Why oh why hasn't a TV documentary ever encountered their contribution to the 1970's ?
Stefan @ 11:17am 02-10-2012
Many thanx for keeping Ollies memory alive!

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