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roger portenseigne@ 4:14am 02-24-2015 sorry, it must have been Autumn '71. I could have sworn it was earlier but the first album wasn't released till Dec '70. They must have been one of the first acts on OGWT in late '71. The mind does play tricks, doesn't it? Profound apologies. RP
Replied on: 9:32am 02-24-2015

Apparently, Patto were on Disco 2 [BBC2] 18 March 1971. I can't find any record of an OGWT appearance, although many early ones were live and not comprehensively documented. In late 1971, Ollie had agreed to play a live concert with Centipede and Patto were forced to cancel a radio session. As a consequence of this, they were were 'banned' by the Beeb for the whole of 1972. There is little doubt that an OGWT appearance or two would have made them considerably more successful if not huge. Here's a list of known BBC sessions

Roger P@ 8:06am 02-23-2015
I loved this guy too, ever since I saw him with Patto on The Old Grey Whistle Test, Autumn 1970. I remember he suddenly stopped playing the guitar, picked up some sticks and started playing the vibes. I didn't think you were allowed to do that! From rock guitar to Milt Jackson in a stroke. Genius. Imagine Hendrix or any of them doing that. I was sorry he abandoned the vibes. It was one of the things that made Ollie so original, besides his fabulous guitar playing. Suffice to say that made an enormous impression on me too. Sorry to say someone stole my original Patto albums and I never really kept up with Ollies 'career'. I mean we all got our own lives to lead, haven't we? Recently I read that his old friend V. Stanshall cried when he heard the news of his passing. I think I would have too if I'd known.
Replied on: 9:26am 02-23-2015

Thank, Roger. I can't actually find any record of Patto on OGWT and always thought that had been banned by the Beeb following their no-show for a radio session. Let me know if you can confirm otherwise. Would love to see that. Any idea where that Viv Stanshall quote was? Please join if you can.

Panagiotidis Nasos@ 4:03am 02-02-2015
First time i heard this fantastic telanted musician, was at a friend's house, back in 1999, on a patto album.
I love rock music, and i listen to it a lot. I've heard many bands, many guitar players. Ollie Halsall just amazed me, from the very first second!!!!I really can't describe it, but i'm sure many people felt this way!!
I my personal opinion, i think Ollie is one of the best guitar players existed. The fact that he could play almost any instrument is admirable, but when we talk about guitar, the man was way on a higher level (even back then!!).
Maybe i'm too young to say much about him, (people out there know better) but i want to say that i feel sorry for not having the chance to see him live, i'm sorry for not having this person around us any more, he was too young to go..I'd like to express my respect to this great musician. He was so under estimated.
Replied on: 10:18am 02-02-2015

Thanks, Panagiotidis. You might want to join our FaceBook group at:

Chris Cohen@ 7:45am 11-26-2014
greetin's from austin tx
Replied on: 11:20am 11-26-2014

Hi, and welcome.

Gail M.@ 7:15am 10-05-2014
We toured with Patto and Joe Cocker's band. Ollie was tons of fun even if he did flood the elevator in Hawaii and get us all kicked off the island. Missing him and also Patto.
Replied on: 9:19am 10-05-2014

Hi. Please tell us more. Which band were you with?

the EARL of SWIRL@ 10:32pm 05-03-2014
The first PATTO album is a long-treasured vinyl fave of mine, incredible playing. Monster RUTLES fan of course, knew it was Ollie even without credits. And now to find out SEX BEATLES was him too? Amazin' guy, R.I.P. Ollie.
Pony Tail Bill Marel@ 10:28pm 04-28-2014
What more is there to say about a gifted bunch of musicians that you kind of feel you personally know Caravan,Matching Mole,Gong,Hatfield and the North,Soft Machine,solo careers they all had,Wyatts unique voice Kevins. One hell of a beautiful family, and one wonders who else sees the whole scope.
Fernando Medeiros@ 2:31pm 04-28-2014
A fan from Brazil. I never see live performances of Ollie..except vídeos and the bootleg with the Tempest in a radio program called "60 Minutos de Música Contemporãnea" in 1973. This program showing the BBC concerts and I heard many bands..all fresh concerts. Until 1977 was my best program in the saturdays afternoons. Ollie is virtually unknown in Brazil. Sorry my bad english. Thanks for keeping alive the memory of this great musician.
Dave Grinnell@ 10:31pm 04-20-2014
I first stumbled across Ollie's guitar playing whilst watching the OGWT, when John Cale played Dying On The Vine. It's a decent enough song, with quite interesting drums, but it was struggling to hold my attention, until Ollie's guitar solo in the last minute of the song. Sometimes it only takes a few seconds of a solo before you are thinking "This guy can bloody well play" and that's what hit me - during one dazzling burst I'm sure I said out loud "You're f***ing kidding". Hardly any guitarist drags that kind of reaction from me.

Thanks to this excellent site, I'm trying to catch up with Ollie's best work. Ollie could bloody well play and this site is the best starting point for anyone wanting to find out more about this criminally underrated musician.
Replied on: 10:03am 04-21-2014

Thanks for your comments, Dave. Yes, it's a spectacular performance. Unfortunately, one of the very few video examples we have. If you are on FaceBook, please consider joining the Ollie & Patto Group:

manuel franco@ 4:09pm 01-09-2014
Oh,I have a live cd-of TEMPEST*(not official rel.Hiseman put out,btw)1/2 W/ollie!!vocals-crap.all else-great./
manuel franco/miami,@ 4:05pm 01-09-2014
#1:Let's get the Live Boxer sessions released,via Esoteric#2:!!!!Let's especially get Ollie(Peter)Hallsalls SOLO cd released.Producedby King Crimsons ROBERT FRIPP#3:Is the live**Warts & all)to be re-released?#4:I have some Live Patto(3-4)got from best,free,website(ever!!) awhile,to be member**(free)worth it.Sound quality reviews are exact/accurate,btw.&updated often*(cds I have are a+,to "C").If ther's any<Live Timbox:let's get IT released,too./calls are welcome@305-200-5021-after 4pm,est.Manuel.:-)
Rachel Thomas@ 8:02am 01-02-2014
This page seems like a great legacy to a much loved musician whose music still resonates across the decades.
I am trying to reconnect with the past myself and would appreciate anyone who could provide a contact for Tony Cahill. I know that this is not what the site is intended for but I don't think Ollie would disapprove as he seems to bring many people together for different reasons.
Replied on: 9:08am 01-02-2014

Hi Rachel. Not sure who Tony Cahill is. What is his connection with Ollie? You might want to try posting this on the Ollie Halsall and Patto FaceBook group at: Happy New Year!

Deborah Ellis@ 6:41am 09-17-2013
Thank you for this website, it's a gift. I love to see my Late Husband Keith and old friends. I miss everyone, but the their music lives on. Love the videos !! thank you thank you DX XOX
Replied on: 11:05am 10-18-2013

Cheers, Deborah. All the best.

Julian Barnes@ 4:54pm 06-14-2013
Like many other people who have visited this web site, I used to play in a band in the early seventies. Every thursday we would check out the Melody Maker to find out who was on in London and go and watch gigs, all piling into my mum's car, which I would borrow. Once we had the opportunity to see Patto and Ollie, that was it. Every time they came to London we would go. As many people have written, there have really only been two completely original guitarists from that period - Ollie and Jimi Hendrix. It is great to see that many now very famous guitarists acknowledge his influence on them. King of the hammer-on. We used to get as close to the stage as possible to figure out how he was doing it as it did not seem possible that anyone could play that fast and fluidly. BUt he did. I live in Mallorca now so I have been to Deia to pay my respects. Such a beautiful location for a legend to be lain to rest. Thanks for putting this site together it is absolutely awesome. All the best Julian - and hi to Glyn and Davido :-) It was fun wasn't it?
Replied on: 8:41pm 06-14-2013

Thanks for your message, Julian. I was in Mallorca a couple of weeks ago and made the usual pilgrimage to Deia. Did you know that Kevin Ayers is to be interred in the church yard on 16 August?

Chris Stone@ 4:32pm 06-14-2013
I met a young man "in his twenties" busking in La Place de Constitution Fuengirola he was playing Beatles covers. When he finished and we gave him a couple of euros we got chatting about the 60's and 70's he asked me who my favorite band was, I said You will not have heard of them it is a group called Patto, He said Ah Ollie and Mike. Word may be starting to get around.
RIP Kevin.
Regards to all,
Replied on: 8:43pm 06-14-2013

Thanks for that, Chris. One day he'll get the universal recognition he deserves.

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