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COQUIL Alain@ 10:35am 02-10-2012
Please, excuse my bad English. I discover Ollie with " Living in Fear " with TEMPEST, the third LP I ever bought in my life (The first ones were " Made in Japan " and " Montrose "). I'm 50. I've heard thousands of records since this year 1974 and it stays one of my three favorites of all times. What Ollie does in " Dance to my tune " always makes me shivering. And the others tracks are great. Thanks for this site.
Jurg L. Friedli@ 10:35am 02-10-2012
he's certainly one of my favourites...since I bought Patto's "roll em" in 1973 as a 15year old in Switzerland. Since I lost all the LP's in a fire in Mali and am living in senegal - where can I find mp3's of him on the net ? just found the 1974 recording ayers, eno, halsall but i look desperately for boxer stuff like waiting on a miracle. don't find it and here in africa no chance to get cd's or even get something by mail....thanks !!
Brian Wenz@ 10:34am 02-10-2012
The Archives are wonderful......a real oasis on the desert-of-drek that populates the music scene.
Are you playing your SG a little more lately??? [I must send you pics of my white '68....]
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!
Steve Norris@ 10:34am 02-10-2012
I have E mailed this guest list before, but thought I'd like to say what a fantastic job Barry Monks has done with this site, The video footage is incredible, to see Ollie's stunning guitar playing in front of you makes me speechless! and I can prattle about Guitarists for ever. For me Ollie is No 1.
Thanks Barry I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who owe you one.
Lets hope more footage appears as time progresses.
Keep up the great work,
Thanks. Steve ( Fag Ash Lil )
Matt Ruderman@ 12:46am 02-10-2012
This is an excellent site - the research and info presented is impressive! I've been an Ollie fan since the mid-'70s (ever since hearing 'May I' on June 1st album, which remains one of the most stunning solos I've ever heard). I'm happy to be able to say I saw Ollie and Kevin perform in a small NY club about 25 years ago - a wonderful memory.
Keep up the great work!
soccerskip@ 12:46am 02-10-2012
Just read a funny article with some new olly anecdotes at Thanks for the great site
Roman Bunka@ 12:45am 02-10-2012
So happy to find your site!
Listening to Patto and as a guitarplayer specially to Ollie since 1970 I cannot tell you how deep I feel for his music.
Jimi Hendrix and him, both left-handers, are for shure the two greatest!!!
Playing in "Kraut" Jazz-rock bands like Embryo, jamming with Xhol Caravan, Amon Düül, Guru Guru, Kraan and others I was so much inspired by his playing!
If you want to hear his influence on German musicians, listen to my guitar solos on the Embryo LP from 1974 "we keep on". I had the luck to meet him after his show with Kevin Ayers in Munich somewhere in the 80`s and was impressed by his friendly personality with no "popstar-attitudes" at all !!!
I simply love this guy and his music makes me still laugh and cry,
and as I became more an "oud" (arabic lute) player travelling and performing in the middle east, I put him in the tradition of the "dervish" musician. He, as a real "troubadur" was´nt only in this world, specially with this music biz. Maybe he wasnt so lucky in his life, but his melodies will spin around
forever, or at least as long as I live.
Thanks again for your beautiful work!

Roman Bunka there a chance to get recordings from the Bonn-Concert or any of the live-gigs you wrote about?
Régis COISN@ 12:43am 02-10-2012
French acoustic guitarist fan of Ollie HALSALL!!!
Anon.@ 12:42am 02-10-2012
Ollie will always be one of the best...the same Allan Holdsworth (the great A.H.) took lot of his earlier style from Halsall. If I listen to his incredible solo in "Turn around", for instance, I really understand that he's creating real music through his lead work...jazz, rock, it's difficult to follow him during his solo flights. The piano, the vocals, the sense of humour...a nice person passed away too early. Still today a master of guitar, besides a fine songwriter.
Paul Janisch@ 12:33am 02-10-2012
I watched the Rutles last night, Ollie really could do a credible Paul McCartney voice (his best was on Peter Abraham). And that was only one of his many talents. Ollie floors me - I am now figuring out how he played the saxophone on Caves left-handed. Thanks for this site.
Steve Norris@ 12:32am 02-10-2012
Having been a Patto/Ollie freak for sometime now and guitarist, ( Fag Ash Lil ) I enjoy reading all the items etc, would like to know how I can get hold of some live music, that Barry Monks mentions, i.e. late concerts etc.
I look forward too any new re releases Monkees Bum, etc etc.
Steve Defoe@ 12:32am 02-10-2012
Great stuff!!!!
Wayne Eagles@ 12:31am 02-10-2012
Wonderful website.
Very informative, and obviously a labor of love.
Thanks for the excellent resource!
Marlo@ 12:31am 02-10-2012
Where can i find Ollie in video, if exists????? Thanks for any info
Marlo@ 12:30am 02-10-2012
I discover this wonderful Ollie's site surfing in an excellent rock singer called Claudia Puyo,who was the last girlfriend of Ollie in Spain.Ollie in the guitar is THE originality.

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