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Jose Aragon@ 10:49am 02-10-2012
Turn off your TV and keep the true masters alive. Thanks for this great site. And hats off to Ollie.
david templeton @ 10:48am 02-10-2012
I'm lead singer with Pa amb oli band. Ollie played drums with us from '84 to'89 ? ( somewhere around there ) & we jammed a lot with Kevin & Archie Legget & got pretty wasted together over an 8 year period . He was a close friend- more like a brother . We shared a similar background/ musical appreciation/ & humour. I'm still not over the shock of him 'leaving the scene so abruptly' & I'd be happy to share my precious memories with any 'aficionado' out there .
David P. Cole @ 10:47am 02-10-2012
Ollie was an amazing player and he was
way ahead of his time.

His death, as well as those of other
innovators, have caused modern rock
'n' roll to become a joke.
Lucy Piller @ 10:46am 02-10-2012
I grew up in London and was fortunate to have met Patto on many occasions opening up for FREE. The band PATTO remain one of my all time favorite 70s band. I am shortly adding Patto to my website for younger guitarists to read about. I think the website you have made is brilliant, I did take many photos of Patto , sadly only found one now in good condition which is posted on the Patto link on your site.
Long live the 70s music
Lucy Piller
Edwin Nettleton @ 10:46am 02-10-2012
Ollie is one of my favorites, along with Buzzy Feiten. They both can solo around the melody like no others. Thanx for the great web site, videos, and overall tribute to the great Ollie Halsall. Any live Ollie or Buzz for trade anyone ??


andy lloyd @ 10:45am 02-10-2012
i was a music mad thirteen year old long before i was a guitarist. i found patto and ollie halsall on a sunday night in birmingham playing at the legendary henry's blueshouse...errr, it was upstairs at the crown pub in station street. in reality, a dive. i had pulled up the collar of my school coat to hide my face as i pretended to be eighteen and blag my way in. i was already a regular but seldom felt confident enough to show my baby face to the door staff. as expected, there were few people making their way to the gig.......a spartan crowd, indeed, as Patto plug their debut album. i lurked in the shadows just in case i was kicked out for being underage. how good were they? did they care about anything but playing? i am sure that they did but on that night it seemed not. ollie was just wonderful. you know the stuff, don't you? white sg, vibes...and jaw dropping playing. they could have been playing in a rehearsal room to themselves but they weren't. i loved the vibes but resented the fact that every time he was playing vibes he wasn't playing guitar. i told all my musical mates but my description of the heady patto musical brew left them unmoved. their loss. is there anyone who could let me hear unreleased ollie stuff, please?
check my website:
olly alcock@ 10:38am 02-10-2012
Getting old is a curious thing.There I was webbing like a lunatic and I thought of the old days in London in the very early seventies. One guy stood out to me, purely that we crossed paths many times, playing double bills in the Marquee and Global Village etc. I played with 'Universe' & 'England'. Ollie Halsall. He played left hand, I played left hand. We both loved the blues and were determined to make it on the London stages. I remember the well chronicled events of their gigs, mayhem and side splitting times. I have just managed to get another copy of 'Hold Yourt Fire' and 'Roll- Em', and those memories flooded back. I'm still rocking, mainly in the north of England, and we try to retain the spirit of those days in the band.
if you fancy a quick look. I was very sad to hear of Ol's demise, and in fact Mike Patto too in the late '70's. But hopefully thier spirit lives on. So be it.

Olly Alcock
steve wilkinson@ 10:38am 02-10-2012
saw PATTO at the teachers trianing colledge in 1973 , they were FAB , ollie was out of this world ,man could he play,
Charlie McDufford@ 10:37am 02-10-2012
I've just recently discovered Ollie's music (thanks to Allan Holdsworth's site), and I must say that I am amazed that I didn't find him before. As a guitarist of over 20 years, I thought I had a good grasp on all of the important guitarists (jazz, rock, what have you), but obviously I somehow missed a giant. It seems so strange and tragic that such an enormous talent could be so obscure, but I guess that's really no surprise given the severe lack of musical taste on this side of the pond. The majority are more concerned with what someone is wearing, rather than their musical worth. For my part, I'll be spreading the word about Ollie to as many people as I can :)

Antonio D'Este@ 10:37am 02-10-2012
Great site and very good realization. I love Ollie and his stuff since when i was 14 or so..... You are a precious source of information and upgrading about ollie's life & Works. Thanks !
Chas Rigby@ 10:36am 02-10-2012
The last time I saw Ollie was at Manchesters Band On The Wall. He played a stunning set with Kevin Ayers promoting the Falling Up album. I didnt see him again. A few years later however I paid my respects at his shrine in Majorca and am currently reading a book where he appears 'Tuning Up At Dawn' He used to lend me his drum kit many moons back when I was a starving muso back in Southport. His musical legacy will be with us all for a long time to come. Barry! the site is really good and thanks for the link.

Chas Rigby Manchester based singer/songwriter
COQUIL Alain@ 10:35am 02-10-2012
Please, excuse my bad English. I discover Ollie with " Living in Fear " with TEMPEST, the third LP I ever bought in my life (The first ones were " Made in Japan " and " Montrose "). I'm 50. I've heard thousands of records since this year 1974 and it stays one of my three favorites of all times. What Ollie does in " Dance to my tune " always makes me shivering. And the others tracks are great. Thanks for this site.
Jurg L. Friedli@ 10:35am 02-10-2012
he's certainly one of my favourites...since I bought Patto's "roll em" in 1973 as a 15year old in Switzerland. Since I lost all the LP's in a fire in Mali and am living in senegal - where can I find mp3's of him on the net ? just found the 1974 recording ayers, eno, halsall but i look desperately for boxer stuff like waiting on a miracle. don't find it and here in africa no chance to get cd's or even get something by mail....thanks !!
Brian Wenz@ 10:34am 02-10-2012
The Archives are wonderful......a real oasis on the desert-of-drek that populates the music scene.
Are you playing your SG a little more lately??? [I must send you pics of my white '68....]
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!
Steve Norris@ 10:34am 02-10-2012
I have E mailed this guest list before, but thought I'd like to say what a fantastic job Barry Monks has done with this site, The video footage is incredible, to see Ollie's stunning guitar playing in front of you makes me speechless! and I can prattle about Guitarists for ever. For me Ollie is No 1.
Thanks Barry I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who owe you one.
Lets hope more footage appears as time progresses.
Keep up the great work,
Thanks. Steve ( Fag Ash Lil )

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