Terence kroetsch@ 10:13am 12-25-2022
Remarkable work here - such detail and depth. I am systematically looking at and listening to everything. Much appreciated.
Replied on: 3:47pm 12-25-2022

Thanks, Terence

Gino Tolve@ 6:31pm 12-13-2022
il più grande!!
Replied on: 10:08pm 12-13-2022

. . . e il migliore! Grazie

Paul McMullen@ 5:54pm 12-08-2022
Whoever you are, I would just like to thank you deeply. I just spent three months cycling around Europe and my last but one stop was in Madrid where I spent a week at the campsite there, doing my best to encounter the ghost of Ollie Halsall. In all the years I have religiously followed Kevin Ayers I never thought to listen to Patto; just not enough hours in the day I guess. But what a revelation it was to finally heed your promptings and discover more about the genius of Ollie. Thanks again, you deserve some kind of award for this website!
Replied on: 11:42am 12-09-2022

Thanks, Paul. I shall expect the award in the post :)

elena@ 5:18am 10-25-2022
He conocido conscientemente el trabajo de Ollie hace muy poco porque realmente ya lo había escuchado ya que soy fan de Ramoncín desde siempre. Haciendo recientemente un guion sobre Kevin Ayers para la radio he podido comprender la envergadura musical de este guitarrista y vibracionista superlativo.
Replied on: 11:40am 12-09-2022

I consciously got to know Ollie's work very recently because I had really already heard it since I have always been a fan of Ramoncín. Recently doing a script about Kevin Ayers for the radio I have been able to understand the musical scope of this superlative guitarist and vibrationist.

Thanks, Elena

Tony Lauber@ 4:56pm 10-03-2022
Been a Patto and Hallsall fan since 1970. You know and I know that Ollie was a fucking genius. Recently i read about some recordings the man made with Robert Fripp. Maybe some day the Fripp archive will release these tapes.
Replied on: 7:35pm 10-04-2022

Hi. Tony and thanks for the message. Yes, we've been looking for the Fripp tapes for years. No luck so far. Probably gone forever. All we know about them is on this page, under Ollie nd the Blue Traffs:

Malcolm Bond@ 11:00pm 09-09-2022
Ollie's passing was a sad loss to the rock world. He was certainly up there with the best.
Barry Monks@ 10:52am 07-16-2022
Hi, John and thanks for your guestbook post.

The definitive version of Monkeys Bum is the Cherry Red one released a few years back:

John S@ 7:51am 07-11-2022
Does anyone know whether the more recent “ Esoteric “ release of Monkey’s Bum is better than the Audio Archives release from 1995?
Bengt Friman@ 9:53am 04-29-2022
Im from Sweden and I bought Pattos Rollem...LP in the 70ies...I was very impressed by the solos in Loud Green Song...then we started a band :-)
Bye Bengt
Gerry Carruthers@ 1:04pm 04-19-2022
A true unsung, singing genius!
hugh yerburgh@ 6:02am 06-09-2021
what can i say... pretty much my favourite guitarist. ollie has had a profound impact on my own playing and approach to music. and for that i am i am eternally grateful.
Philippe HOCQUET@ 5:37pm 05-25-2021
Hello from a french fan who Liked evrything. From 1974 I played the second Tempest every days until now then continue with Patto i discovered Timebox later with the loose on the moose album

I keep Ollie in my heart and also mike Patto for me the best singer, clive Griffith exxellent bassist playin shirt scale Fender bass,John Hallsey a fabulous drummer i played myself drums i know what i say
I will be always with this kind of music forever
I ve just command from amazon the last album live from Patto with videos i am waiting for
Ollie and the Patto s forever !!
Replied on: 6:42pm 05-25-2021

Thanks, Philippe. Please join the Facebook group at

Mark Robson@ 11:05am 05-20-2021
Just listening to some of Ollie's solo stuff - big fan of his work.
Replied on: 7:59pm 05-20-2021

Please join the Facebook group at

Neil Douglas@ 10:28am 04-18-2021
Replied on: 8:00pm 05-20-2021

Please join the Facebook group at

Sebastian@ 8:30am 02-05-2021
Exceptional guitarist!
Cheers from Copenhagen
Replied on: 8:01pm 05-20-2021

Please join the Facebook group at

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