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Jörg Schumann@ 2:22pm 12-12-2020
Ich habe ihn 1985 in der Band von John Cale in Bochum/Zeche gesehen. Ein großartiger Gitarrist. Sehr traurig, dass er so früh gestorben ist.

I saw him in 1985 in John Cale's band in Bochum / Zeche. A great guitarist. Very sad that he died so early.
PAUL YOUNG@ 9:40pm 11-20-2020
Patto were a great band. Mike's unique vocal style and Ollie's fluid and inventive guitar playing. For me he is up there with the great Peter Green. Stumbled on this site and it's great to see a truly talented individual remembered and lovingly appreciated. Wouldn't it be nice if that 'forgotten' album was released? I'm sure someone on your site is working on that. Good work and good luck.
Replied on: 10:00am 11-21-2020

Thank, Paul. If by 'forgotten album; you mean 'Monkey's Bum', it was officially released a couple of years ago. Or do you mean something else?

Michel Caffin@ 10:18am 09-13-2020
Great fan since the early seventeen's; making some the one on Patto! recorded while the confinment...we are in the south west of france. thanks to tell us about and montains of thanks for keeping the memory of ollie shinning!
Replied on: 10:42am 09-13-2020

Thanks, Michel. I will add a link to the show on the website. What is the exact URL, please? Please join the Facebook group

Fernando Medeiros@ 2:24am 08-24-2020
The first time I heard Ollie playing was in 1974 on a radio show in Brazil, called "60 minutes of Contemporary Music". This program was relaying BBC concerts and the concert I heard was one from Tempest. In fact, I ended up meeting Ollie and Allan Holdsworth there. I was fascinated with the guitars but I didn't know at the time who they were. Only long after I found out who the two magical guitarists were. Since then I became a fan of both and I discovered their other works. Ollie with Patto and Boxer, Allan with Bill Bruford, Tony Willians Lifetime ... and the admiration has only grown. Ollie is surely the most underrated guitarist in the world.
Steven Defoe@ 1:56am 08-24-2020
The new website looks great ! Carry on
Philippe Kotlarski@ 4:51pm 08-23-2020
Congratulation for the new site, Barry ! So glad to see this Ollie and Patto fan site still living and kickin' !
bob@ 12:58am 08-23-2020
I first learned of Ollie and Patto when I walked into a record store in Naples Florida in the 70s and was given a free copy of the first Patto album and have been enthralled with this man's talent ever since.I cringe every time I see a list of the greatest guitarists and his name is omitted.Love this site.
Replied on: 10:51am 08-23-2020

Thanks, Bob. A free copy, eh? Lucky man ;)

Tom Alder@ 11:06pm 08-16-2020
Bloody hell, this is amazing! Every time I come back to it it has grown a new arm, or leg, or herbaceous border, or something else. Particular like some of the fragments of ollibiography. What the hell was this business of Ollie planning to sail around the world? I just can't see it- Ollie tossed by 30 foot waves in the Southern Ocean. Or perhaps I can?
Replied on: 1:37pm 08-17-2020

Thanks, Tom. Watch out for even more changes in a day or so ;)

Brend McCabe@ 6:33pm 06-30-2020
been a fan since he was born. My baby brother.
Replied on: 12:54pm 07-02-2020

Thanks, Brend. Please email me on

Hugh Terry@ 11:13am 05-23-2020
It's a great shame that Ollie is not more famous, as he was obviously a sublime guitarist. You only have to play The Rutles to hear that! Thanks for having me. HT x
Replied on: 12:45pm 05-23-2020

Thanks for your comment, Terry. Please join our Facebook group

gian vianello@ 10:52pm 03-14-2020
I've been a fan of Ollie and Patto since the 70's.Hardly anyone in the States knows them. That is a shame. The word is getting out. I play in a band with a couple of English guys. They knew of him and Patto. They were ahead of their time and too good for the radio.
Replied on: 10:27am 03-15-2020

Thanks for your message, Gian. Please join out Facebook group at :)

JPH@ 1:35am 05-16-2019
he just kills it...wish others would return to form but....the main thing is that PATTO these are songs not jam sessions he is easily playing years ahead of everyone else lets compare Halsall's playing to John McLaughlin circa 70' ....cheers
john bates@ 11:08pm 05-08-2019
08/05/19 10:35pm - Just heard from a friend that Chris Holmes has passed away. Had seen Chris a couple of times, he was playing the the band Big Al and the Blistering Buicks. :-(
Replied on: 12:34am 05-09-2019

Thanks, John. I'd vaguely known 'Professor' Chris Homes and the rest of Timebox since 1968. It wasn't, however, until some thirty years later, whilst researching sleeve notes for the Deram Anthology compilation, that I managed to track him down and we became good friends. He was a mine of information about the band and the heady days of the late 1960s. We both went to The Castle Inn in Cambridge to catch-up with 'Admiral' John Halsey, who hadn't seen him since he left Timebox and it was genuinely touching to witness them meet again. Chris was a great musician who was, as far as I knew, still playing with Big Al and the Blistering Buicks, where I caught up with him last year in St Albans. A few years back, he would call me almost every Sunday night, sometimes a little tired and emotional, and regale me with wonderful stories and the progress of his personal and quite justified vendetta against Decca Records for with-held royalties. I hope he gets the equivalent of a big fat royalty check when he gets up there. Love

Phil Sugden@ 7:10pm 04-02-2019
Great to find this site, and pleased to sign guestbook! Saw Patto often at the Black Swan when I was a student in 1972. One weekend saw them on Friday at the Marquee, then back to Sheffield to catch them on Sunday at the Swan. Best live band ever I reckon. Saw Zoot Money sit in with them one night at the Swan. still remember the gag when they got on their knees with their shoes underneath and sang " Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go!". Ollie Halsall was amazing and once said he was trying to play like Cecil Taylor but on guitar! Mike Patto's voice was incredile also. What a loss so early. I had heard that Clive Griffiths was hospitalised after a terrible car accident? Is he still with us? He did try to get off with my girlfriend once, but I forgive him....
Replied on: 8:57pm 04-02-2019

Thanks, Phil. Yes Clive is still here, as is 'Admiral' John Halsey. Please join our FaceBook Group at

Stuart Troutman@ 5:52pm 09-04-2018
I remember playing some odd tracks by Patto on one of my old radio shows in North Carolina (US) back in the 70s. It struck me even then that this guy played guitar at a level that was unlike any others of the time. Especially in the 'rock' world. He immediately made me think of Fripp.
Everyone can get a pretty good glimpse of him live on Spanish tv with Cale and Andy Summers (search YouTube).
Replied on: 9:16am 09-05-2018

Thanks, Stuart. Please join our FaceBook group at

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