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Régis COISN@ 12:43am 02-10-2012
French acoustic guitarist fan of Ollie HALSALL!!!
Anon.@ 12:42am 02-10-2012
Ollie will always be one of the best...the same Allan Holdsworth (the great A.H.) took lot of his earlier style from Halsall. If I listen to his incredible solo in "Turn around", for instance, I really understand that he's creating real music through his lead work...jazz, rock, it's difficult to follow him during his solo flights. The piano, the vocals, the sense of humour...a nice person passed away too early. Still today a master of guitar, besides a fine songwriter.
Paul Janisch@ 12:33am 02-10-2012
I watched the Rutles last night, Ollie really could do a credible Paul McCartney voice (his best was on Peter Abraham). And that was only one of his many talents. Ollie floors me - I am now figuring out how he played the saxophone on Caves left-handed. Thanks for this site.
Steve Norris@ 12:32am 02-10-2012
Having been a Patto/Ollie freak for sometime now and guitarist, ( Fag Ash Lil ) I enjoy reading all the items etc, would like to know how I can get hold of some live music, that Barry Monks mentions, i.e. late concerts etc.
I look forward too any new re releases Monkees Bum, etc etc.
Steve Defoe@ 12:32am 02-10-2012
Great stuff!!!!
Wayne Eagles@ 12:31am 02-10-2012
Wonderful website.
Very informative, and obviously a labor of love.
Thanks for the excellent resource!
Marlo@ 12:31am 02-10-2012
Where can i find Ollie in video, if exists????? Thanks for any info
Marlo@ 12:30am 02-10-2012
I discover this wonderful Ollie's site surfing in an excellent rock singer called Claudia Puyo,who was the last girlfriend of Ollie in Spain.Ollie in the guitar is THE originality.
ADMIRAL JOHN HALSEY@ 12:29am 02-10-2012
Magnus Widman@ 12:15am 02-10-2012
Have been a interested in him since I bought Living in Fear in the 70's. In particular the track Turn Around cought my ear. Time to dig deeper.
Joe Clements@ 12:08am 02-10-2012
I knew the Pattos back in the 70's. Top guys. I was with them the day they wrote "tell me where youve been" in the 7 sisters club on tottenham court road. They were great days.
Bruce Hazen@ 12:07am 02-10-2012
Great site...

BTW, does anyone out there have a copy of 'Sense of the Absurd' Patto compilation CD to sell? All the good Patto stuff ('Roll 'Em' excepted) seems to be deleted. Help!

Loud Green Moneybag
Andy Wilkinson @ 12:07am 02-10-2012
I only saw Ollie play once, with Kevin Ayers at Leeds Town Hall sometime in (I think) 1974.
It was simply the the most exiting, creative guitar playing that I'd ever heard.
Mark Feasey@ 12:06am 02-10-2012
It must have been around 1973 or 4. We all went to see Patto in an obscure Pub or Club in North London somewhere (was it the "Growling Budgie Club"?) and were seated near the door to the backstage room. Every ten minutes or so Ollie emerged to get another round of drinks, staggering back inside carrying four pints at once. It was only later when they came on stage that we noticed he was still wearing the carpet slippers he had been wearing earlier. When he leapt off the piano onto his knees at the climax of "Shaking All Over", I could see his eyes rolling about madly (the drink?) - but all evening he played like an ANGEL. Now that's my kind of guitar hero.
Brian Gibson@ 12:05am 02-10-2012
Thanks to all involved in the setting up of this site dedicated to a much neglected talent. Ollie was surely one of the greatest guitarists to have ever graced this planet!

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